Dark Web Monitoring

Are your employee’s credentials on the dark web?

Over the past year, business email compromise (BEC) scams have jumped by 60 percent according to a report by Agari. Hackers are using your business e-mail to impersonate you or your brand, putting your reputation and your customers at risk.

iSpire’s 24/7 Dark Web Monitoring solution provides critical alerts for business domain and employee credentials. The earlier we know about these compromises, the sooner we can work with your employee to reset passwords and resolve these security gaps. We leverage the power of both advanced technology intelligence and human analysts to proactively search for and analyze compromises and exposed login credentials that can make your business a hot target for cybercriminals.


Quick facts

Passwords for 25.9 million Fortune 1,000 business accounts float around on the Dark Web.

In 2021, the average ransom paid increased by 82% to a record $570,000, compared to just $170,000 in 2020.

Organizations having 50% remote workers took 316 days on average to detect and contain a data breach whereas organizations having on-site employees took 287 days.

67% of respondents said threat volumes and severity have increased significantly.

What does our Dark Web Monitoring do for you?

Identify and investigate exposed login credentials or pairs discovered directly linked to your business email domains or IP address details.

Individuals often reuse the same login credentials across multiple platforms, which makes them more vulnerable to credential theft. Overcome the risks related to bad passwords.

With 80,000+ domain compromises discovered daily, access reporting and analytics on industry trends and evolving risks and take preventative actions to avoid cyber threats.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly inevitable. However, implementing Dark Web monitoring will help reduce the risks and threats caused by exposed employee credentials.

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