Managed Services



Our team takes time to ensure the tech you need is up to the job. Whether we are making sure that your new laptop will be able to run the newest software of your new AP’s will be able to increase your signals strength. We make certain that you will have everything you need to keep your business and your employees up and running.

Competitive Pricing

Just like your IT, some of the products you will need will not be cheap. That is why iSpire has it’s procurement partners, to find you the best prices for that certain product. We have many different partners across the industry to ensure whether it’s a brand-new laptop, server, switch or cables you can know that you were able to get the best price possible.

We all know making hardware purchases can be difficult and expensive. At iSpire we have access to plenty of different vendors who can get us great deals and a multitude of selection. This enables you and your staff to be equipped with industry standard hardware as well as affordable break and fix options to keep your business going.

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